M2Host Review

The last few weeks I have been having a huge problem. My websites all got hacked and had people getting redirected. This all happened right before I wanted to show my website and portfolio to a potential department in Disney. On top of that, a major hurricane was coming through the area and I wanted a way to backup my data. I decided I wanted to see if there were cheaper web hosting companies out there, so I did a search on Google and went to the 7th result page. I found M2Host.com. I’d never heard of them, which meant they don’t spend a lot of their money to advertise via social media or TV ads. I’ve been getting sick of GoDaddy and HostGator commercials. Then I found some major perks to this hosting company. Unlimited Space at a LOW price!

WHAT!? For the same price as one year of HostGator, I could get 2 years of hosting for up to 3 websites here. That’s crazy. I plan to make more websites so this is great. I started small and plan to build up. I have started to backup my computer files to my own back-end cloud service. I can even back up my phone’s photos using the free NextCloud app synced to the website storage folder.

It was so cheap, in fact, I haven’t even canceled my old hosting yet. I just went ahead and purchased the new hosting while still holding onto my old hold and will cancel before it renews. I transferred my main domain name over now and just counting down the days.

Aside from all of that. I had to rebuild this site from the ground up. The Cpanel for M2Host is so much nicer looking and easier to use. The one click install of wordpress was simple. I’m never going back.

I have used the 24/7 chat and the support is great. They are nice and helpful. If you are needing a new host. If you are running out of room. If you just want a better and cheaper way to store your data off site. M2Host is going to be your website’s best friend and maybe even yours too.

Ready for the best part. For the rest of September, they are even giving my viewers and extra 25% off by using the this special Code: SEPT25

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