Raya Pro 2.0 Review

Long ago I was taken aback by the idea of HDR photography. I loved the vivid colors and the fact that one could take 3 simple shots and extrapolate details in the highlights and shadows to give you something closer to what the eye sees. I used almost every kind of software out there. I have quite a bit of success and I could pump out a photo in about an hour with a decent amount of effort. Then I would spend another hour with posting and marketing that photo. This got tedious.

I then was introduced to Matthew Cooper and his photos were HDR but noticeably better than most every one's out there, even Tom Bricker and Trey Radcliff. What was he using for software? Luckily for me, Mr. Cooper posted a few tutorials on his workflow and introduced me to the world of Luminosity Masks. I had tried with little success to shorten my process time using the basic actions from people. Finally, Jimmy McIntyre came along and had Raya Pro. I didn't have much success with his basic set of actions, but Raya Pro 2.0 promised a chance to lessen work flow time.

He had a sale in August and I had to get it with InstaMask 1.0 and I even got the video tutorials. These were exactly what I was missing. I wasn't understanding the basic steps. Once I followed along with his tutorials, I was able to process 3 photos into one really great looking piece of work in around 3 minutes!!! I could spend a little more time with dodging and burning and adding back dynamic lighting and cleaning up artifacts that may have shown up. I could now process 5 photos an hour and then let them sit to come back for those needed second touch-ups.

If you want to see Raya Pro 2.0 in action, watch this.

As you can see He takes really no time blending, but more time just touching up. This was really one of the reasons I stopped posting every day to the groups and flickr and instagram because it took too long to do everything and I felt my photos weren't that good anymore. I felt bad I left the community for so long. I hope you all will forgive me.

Here's an example of one I recently used Raya Pro 2.0 on.